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Katelyn Vowels

K. Vowels Headshot.jpg

Hello everyone! My name’s Katelyn Vowels and I’m currently a junior at Grand Valley State University majoring in elementary education. I first started volunteering with Soar in the beginning of 2020 before it was put on pause due to the pandemic. During my short time with Soar I worked with the sweetest girl. I learned a lot about myself as a future teacher and a Christian. I especially loved the community that was created between all of the amazing ladies working as mentors. Gwen and Chelsea made me feel so welcomed when I first started by creating a positive environment for everyone. I know Chelsea will go above and beyond with this program which makes her another reason why this program is so amazing.

One of the most important things I learned from this program as a future educator is how rewarding it is to watch your student grow. At first my student was very shy but overtime came out of her shell which helped us create a closer bond. I loved getting to know more about her not just in the classroom but her life outside of the classroom as well. Soar has also provided an experience that I can carry with me into my future classroom. I would highly recommend for anyone to be part of Soar especially those who love working with children! This program will always hold a special place in my heart.

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