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How Can You Help?

Did you know, 50% of Jackson County 3rd graders can’t read at grade-level? Up until 3rd grade, students learn how to read, after that they read to learn. The inability to read after 3rd grade greatly increases the chances of teen pregnancy, gang affiliation, trouble with the law, and dropping out of school completely.


But YOU can help change that!

There is a battle for the hearts and minds of our youth. Satan, the adversary, is good at what he does and is hard at work planting seeds of turmoil. That turmoil is one of the key contributors to these very unfortunate statistics mentioned above. Soar Jackson’s pilot program at Paragon Charter Academy has been very successful, we have seen incredible improvement from all our students. The Father is opening the hearts and doors at other schools, and we want to be prepared for exponential growth.

We would like to invite you to prayerfully consider participating in a leadership team for Soar Jackson. There are many ways you can help other than mentoring. Here are some items we’d like to see created and/or cultivated as a result of this leadership team. We are asking for your influence to help recruit others or participate directly in some way. 

  • Mentors/Tutors 

  • Legal

  • Video Production

  • Graphic Artist

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Website

  • Research/Statistics

  • Grant Writing

If you are interested in anything mentioned above or just getting a better understanding of what Soar Jackson is about, please fill out the form under the "Volunteer" tab and we will be in contact with you!

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