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Reading Statistics

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Paragon Charter Academy Soar Jackson Pilot Results

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Soar Jackson started at Paragon Charter Academy on Tuesday, April 16th with Gwen and 4 students, by May 7th six mentors had the total number of students up to 12! They mentored for over 160 hours during the pilot!


In May our second graders were retested on their WPM (word per minute) comprehension. The first testing was done in October of 2018. The results of our 12 students for both tests and their improvement was remarkable! 

The 2 lowest readers improved by 132% and 84%, the 2 highest by 10% and 11%!

We know this growth was a combined effort of interventions through Paragons' additional support throughout the student's day in combination with Soar Jackson mentoring


* One hour, twice weekly, the same mentor

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